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Tinkers Farm School / Northfield Comprehensive

With the rapid expansion of Council housing during the inter-war years, a commensurate school building programme was set in motion in Birmingham. In South Birmingham, the children of the sprawling Allens Cross estate in Northfield were to be accommodated by schools at Trescott Road and Tinkers Farm Road, the latter of which is the subject […]

Ley Hill Estate – Northfield

The Lay Hill Regeneration Scheme, begun in 2000, is another prime example of the gradual erosion of Council housing in favour of Housing Associations. Whilst, in the long-term, this saves the cost of repairs for the Council it also, in this case at any rate, removes 750 sub-standard constructed houses built by Wimpey in the […]

Egghill Estate – Northfield

Recently described as ‘resembling Beruit’, the Egghill Estate near Frankley Beeches, Northfield, was built during the 1950s/1960s and encompassed many types of poor quality housing from the tower blocks which once lined Lower Beeches Road, to the prefab, concrete housing elsewhere on the estate: demolition and a fresh start was the only economically viable option. […]

Hollymoor Hospital – Northfield

Built in 1900 by Martin & Martin as an asylum, Hollmoor Hospital, due to its green dome capped water tower, has been something of a landmark in South Birmingham – the water tower being thankfully retained, along with some of the original buildings, to form a health centre. Opened in 1905 the hospital originally served […]