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Birmingham Television

Whilst the majority of TV output over the years has enjoyed a rather London-centred flavour, Birmingham has played its part in providing both regional and national programming over the years. Through the BBC at Pebble Mill and ATV/Central Television on Broad Street, and associated satellite facilities, many a classic TV gem has been produced, some of which have been trendsetters, some of which have been a bit of a millstone. In this section we recall both the good and the bad television output from Birmingham and associated topics.

Gangsters – BBC Television Series

Set in a period of heavy economic decline and large-scale urban regeneration, Gangsters originally began life as a BBC Play For Today broadcast 9th January 1975 focusing on the interrelations between an ex convict, a family of underworld brothers in the nightclub entertainment industry of Birmingham, an Asian ‘godfather’ and West Indian crime gang. This […]

ATV Centre Television Studios – Broad Street

As those with a good memory will recall, ITV’s output in the Midlands was once provided by ATV (Associated Television Ltd) from 1956 until 1982 and in 1969 ATV commissioned the construction of the purpose built ATV Centre studio complex on Broad Street in central Birmingham.


Ask many a 40 year-old these days if they used to watch ‘Today is Saturday, Watch and Smile’ and you’ll most likely draw a blank; ask many a 40 year-old if they used to watch Tiswas and overwhelmingly you’ll get the same answer: Yes! Produced at ITV regional franchise ATV at ATV Centre on Broad […]

BBC Pebble Mill – Edgbaston

The BBC’s Pebble Mill complex opened in 1971 on a 6 acre site and was the hub of regional programming – including the popular Pebble Mill at 1 show which ran from 1973 to 1986 along with regional news programmes and Gardening Today for which the BBC also ‘annexed’ part of Kings Heath Park. However, […]