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Birmingham Luminaries

There have been many renowned Brummies over the years, along with Birmingham-based pioneers, that havemade a significant contribution to the history of the City and in many cases the country itself. The members of the lunar Society, Joseph Chamberlain and Herbet Austin spring to mind. However, in addition to these national treasures, many lesser known luminaries have contributed significantly to the City in many facets such as industriy, welfare, culture and even notoriety. In this section we recall those people who have defined and contributed to Birmingham’s history and development.

Edward Fewtrell – Nightclub Pioneer

Opinions about Birmingham nightclub impressario Edward ‘Eddie’ Fewtrell are rarely non-committal or ‘on the fence’. What is incrontrovertible is that Eddie Fewtrell did more to nurture and develop Birmingham’s nightlife culture over three decades than anyone else in the City’s history.