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Ley Hill Estate – Northfield

Holloway near Caban Close - Ley Hill, Northfield 07/06/06

Holloway near Caban Close - Ley Hill, Northfield 07/06/06

The Lay Hill Regeneration Scheme, begun in 2000, is another prime example of the gradual erosion of Council housing in favour of Housing Associations. Whilst, in the long-term, this saves the cost of repairs for the Council it also, in this case at any rate, removes 750 sub-standard constructed houses built by Wimpey in the 1950s in favour of 450 of what will hopefully be superior properties: that is the theory!

The ethos appears to be ‘building homes to last’ however, for anyone who has viewed the construction process, peg boarding and a plethora of wooden framing does not instill confidence as to their longevity: only time will tell. The usual suspects are involved in the housing schemes – Focus et al – and below is a selection of photographs of the site which depict what was there and what is being built.


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