Birmingham Roundabout?

To clear up the title of the website, Birmingham Roundabout is not a site about roundabouts in Birmingham (although there are many should that be your particular interest) but refers to the geographical area covered by the site:  Birmingham and ’round-about’ – covering Birmingham, the Black Country and bits of Worcestershire and Warwickshire as these areas are also of interest to me and heavily interwoven into the history of the City of Birmingham.

The overall theme of the site is ‘what makes Birmingham’ from both an historical and contemporary perspective.  It’s an incredibly broad canvas and I am hoping the site will develop with contributions from as many people as possible into a one-stop resource of information and images for anyone with an interest in the ‘second City’.

My particular interest is in the history, and in particular industrial history, of the City but I aim for the site to cover all aspects and more than welcome suggestions and contributions from as many people as possible.  I also don’t view the City through ‘rose tinted spectacles’ and appreciate that it has, and has had in the past, its flaws but it is my City and there is much to be proud of as well as critique and I welcome both information and opinion equally . . . as I will certainly be providing my own in equal measure!

Please get involved, subscribe, become an author for the site and/or anything else you feel willing to do and let’s see what we can create.


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