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Abigail’s Dining & Cabaret Nightclub – Hill Street / John Bright Street

Abigail's Diningng & Cabaret Club - John Bright Street

Abigail’s Dining & Cabaret Club – John Bright Street

On the back of the runaway successes of the Bermuda Club, Cedar Club, Barbarella’s and Rebecca’s – Birmingham nightclub pioneer Edward Fewtrell identified a niche in the market for an upmarket dining and cabaret club in the City catering for the more affluent residents of and visitors to Birmingham.  He identified the run-down Savoy Hotel & Banqueting Suite (built in a former World War II bomb crater itself the site of the Deer’s Leap public house) and purchased it in 1974, naming it after his youngest daughter Abigail.

The completely refurbished club attracted big names to both perform and dine there – such as Tom Jones – and featured valet parking . . . an idea way ahead of its time in Birmingham and something I recall watching as a child:  people pulling up at the door, getting out of their car and going inside and someone else jumping in their car and driving off in it . . . seemed odd to me then!

Unfortunately, the demand for such a high-class venue was not what had been anticipated and the club struggled to keep afloat following its initial burst onto the scene and so, in 1978, it was sold to Ladbroke’s who turned it into a Casino – a function the building still serves today. Above can be seen the building today with John Bright Street to the right and Hill Street to the left.


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