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M&B Cape Hill Brewery – Smethwick

Opening in 1881, Henry Mitchell took over his father’s pub, the Crown Inn in Smethwick, and, as did a large number of landlords during the period, set about constructing a small brewery adjoining the premises. In 1877, Mitchell began constructing the Cape Hill brewery which was completed in 1879 and became a joint venture with […]

City Centre Nightlife in the 1980s – An Introduction

A potted history and recollections of Birmingham City Centre’s pub and night club scene during the 1980s.

Granville St – Birmingham’s Lost Rail Terminus

Birmingham’s Cross City Line is a flagship for the region’s railways, carrying as it does, some 8.5 million commuters annually, with 6 trains an hour each way at peak time stopping at all stations within the Centro region from Redditch, through Birmingham New Street, and on to Lichfield Trent Valley. However, the route South of […]

Austin Rover – Longbridge Demolition

One of the more shocking elements of the demise of Longbridge, social and econimic consequences aside, was the changes it bought about to the landscape of the southern tip of Birmingham.  Views that I had known all my life had suddenly, and drastically, changed.  For visitors to the City approaching from the South along the […]

Austin Rover – Longbridge

One of the giants, if not THE giant, of Birmingham industry was that of Austin Rover (under its many guises). It can virtually be guaranteed that anyone like me, growing up in South Birmingham, knew countless people employed at the sprawling factory and, in many cases, had generations of relatives who had worked there. For […]

Hollymoor Hospital – Northfield

Built in 1900 by Martin & Martin as an asylum, Hollmoor Hospital, due to its green dome capped water tower, has been something of a landmark in South Birmingham – the water tower being thankfully retained, along with some of the original buildings, to form a health centre. Opened in 1905 the hospital originally served […]

Birmingham Roundabout?

By way of introduction to the website, a few words on the theme and scope of the website and what you can do to make it a great resource!