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Edgbaston Shopping Centre Demolition, Five Ways - 09/03/08

Edgbaston Shopping Centre Demolition, Five Ways - 09/03/08

This site is intended for those who, like myself, have a keen interest in the history, culture and development of Ciy of Birmingham and its surrounding regions.

Whilst the primary focus of the website will be on industrialised Birmingham from the Victorian era to the present-day, it is also intended to cover places of interest from the full history of the City along with my contemporary observations, musings and recollections.

For convenience, the website is broken-down into various themes encompassing many aspects of life in Birmingham which can be accessed via the menu on the right-hand side of each page.  Whilst these themes are far from exhaustive, and I’d be glad to hear of further category suggestions, they will enable me to broadly group all postings in a way that is hopefully easy to navigate.

Other than the above, the parameters of the website are endless and should give free reign to include any places and recollections of interest.  However, please bear in mind that this is your project too and I invite anyone who wishes to contribute to do so, whether by commenting on my writings or submitting articles for publication.